We’re committed to relationships.

We are partners in this coffee adventure.

You & the success of your business success are important to us.  We can meet the needs of your business through communication.  We strive to serve not just your coffee needs, but also those of your café like barista training & equipment.



Blends we proudly stand behind



A blend to set your watch to.

Luscious • Cocoa • A Kiss Of Fruit

A proper timepiece is an amazing integration of lots of moving parts. 
A proper timepiece keeps your day on track. 
A proper timepiece looks good.

A true performer on its own or in milk, our Timepiece is an updated, yet modern classic.  Notes of dark chocolate and sweet blood orange highlight a viscous body that will impress both the novice and veteran.

Espresso Blend – 20% Konga, Ethiopia • 20% La Bolsa, Guatemala • 60% Cachoeira de Grama, Brazil – Elevation: 




Your go to move.

Green Apple • Citrus • Creamy

Foxes can dance, too.

The blend when you simply can’t decide.  It will keep you dancing everyday as a go to balanced house blend with creamy notes of balanced apple acidity and cocoa.

Washed & Patio Dried – Bourbon & Caturra – 40% La Bolsa, Guatemala • 60% Rancho Bonito, Mexico – Elevation:


Rotating Seasonals we proudly stand behind


Uno El Diamanté 

Place and relationship.

Milk Chocolate • Marzipan • Red Fruit

Paty Perez runs a third generation family farm in Huehuetenango, Guatamala. We have three lots from this farm.  Each offering is from a different area of the farm, picked at different times of the year when the cherries are at their ripest points. 

Jonathan visited the farm this year and begin to get to know the family this past May.  This is our second year to buy their coffees and we’re excited about many more.

Washed & Patio Dried – Bourbon & Caturra – Finca El Diamanté, Huehuetenango, Guatemala – Elevation:




Blackberry • Cranberry • Peach

Dried in Cherry on Raised Beds – Heirloom Varieties – Konga Yirgacheffe, Eithiopia



Finca Chayote

Nectarine • Bergamot • Crisp

Washed & Patio Dried – Bourbon & Caturra – Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica, Villa Sarchi



Gatuyaini AB

Black Current • Grapefruit • Winey

Washed & Dried on Raised Beds – SL28 & SL34 – Othaya COOP, Central District, Kenya




Citrus • Nutty • Sweet

Washed & Mountain Water Processed – Bourbon & Caturra – Serra Negra, Brazil